--End-to-end project management, down to the smallest details of your project move--

Each project we manage has a lot of moving parts. Keeping those parts moving in the right order takes attention to detail, adaptability and the experience to proactively make adjustments so all of the moving parts get put into the right place at the right time.

Modern Express is specialized in complex, high-value, heavy-lift, and over dimensional project cargo and government shipping bidding project in this industry for almost five decades.

Plus, our professional logistics services are customized for each individual contract to satisfy these often complex tasks. With consulting, coordinating, planning, preparing, and execution on capabilities in the same hands, we offer an integrated approach to ensure that we meet our customers’ precise schedules, whether the components originate from one country or from across the globe.


Break Bulk Cargo (BB cargo):Electronic power plant equipments exported to Manzanillo, Mexico. Services include over-sized in-land transportation and special bulk carrier.

High-Valued:Solar panels exported from Taiwan to Europe. Services include high-security in-land transportation and charter flight.

Instrument:Musical instrument exported from Taiwan to multiples cities across Japan for tour performance. Services included packing/un-packing, crating/un-crating, loading/off-loading, and high-security in-land transportation.

Antique: Chinese antique artifacts, paintings, and calligraphies exported from Japan to Taiwan for exhibition, then from Taiwan to Hong Kong for auction. Service includes packing/un-packing, crating/un-crating, loading/off-loading, installation/de-installation, and high-security in-land transportation.

Technology Exhibition: Semiconductor machine and die bonder exported from USA and Singapore to Taiwan for exhibition purposes. Then moved back when the exhibition was over. Services include high-security in-land transportation, loading/off-loading, crating/un-crating, and packing/un-packing.

Artwork Exhibition: Masterpieces of Musée Marmottan Monet: Claude Monet’s oil paintings exported from France to Taiwan for museum exhibition through CARNET. Service including packing/un-packing, crating/un-crating, loading/off-loading, installation/de-installation, and high-security in-land transportation.

Medical Equipment:Medical precision equipment, cadaver, and medical supply imported to Taiwan’s and delivered to every renowned medical institution and hospitals across Taiwan via temperature-controlled & standard air-ride vehicles.

Live Animals: Aquarium fish with water exported from Taiwan to Chennai, India for retail. Services include packing, in-land transportation, and air cargo movement.

    Our comprehensive service portfolio for you:
  • 3Ps: Proficiency, Profession, and Precise
  • Export Planning: advance customized logistics plan and scope of work for every step if your project
  • Exceptional attention to all regulatory compliance issues, safe operations, and the protection of the environment
  • Full logistics management services for a wide range of markets
  • Coordination of goods from port to exhibition site
  • Support before, during and after the exhibition
  • Shipping instruction and documentation
  • Global network of multi-disciplined project specialists
  • Arrange for necessary equipment onsite
  • Transport by air, sea and road
  • Shipping marks and labels for transportation
  • Customs formalities
  • Storage of empty packing material
  • Returning or forwarding your shipment as per exhibitors return instructions