All About Modern

Modern Foundation

  • Qualified
    DG Personel

  • Qualified
    IATA Agent

  • Qualified
    AEO Agent

  • Full Time WCA Agent
    Ensuring Worldwide Service

Modern Philosophy


Externally: Professional, High Quality & Tailored Service

Internally: .Professional & Well-Rounded Training providing One-Stop Solve-It-All service


Not because we need to, but because we want to.

Belief in bringing the world closer with what we do.

Swiftness and carefulness is what we emphasize.


We encourage all employees to exceed their expectations and thrive to be better.

We encourage our clients to have a leap of faith in us to solve all problems and with which we will solve.

Modern Visions

We aim to become the Top Choice as a local forwarder in Taiwan. We may be small, yet we have it all!

We fight for the best competitive rates to offer our customers by being key agents with both airlines and vessel lines.

We head for sustainability, not only with our customers, but also as part of the society. We value our feedback to make Taiwan a better place via donations to those in need.

We look for long-term establishments with agents worldwide linking a firm logistic-chain offering top quality and reliable service.

Modern Structure

Modern History

  • Establishment of Modern Express.
  • Since year 2000 till now, Mr. Jensen Chen is named Chairman.
  • Besides CX & CI, Modern Express landed contract with BR.
  • Acquired ISO-9001. In the same year also landed contract with SQ.
  • Awarded as BR's Top 15 Agent of Europe.
  • Awarded as BR’s Top 10 Agent of Europe.
  • Awarded as BR’s Top 5 Agent of Europe.
  • Became Exclusive Master Co-loader of SQ on Middle East routes.
  • Awarded by CI as the "Millionaire Member"
  • Became Master Co-loader of KZ on USA routes.
  • Became Exclusive Master Co-loader of PO on USA routes
  • Became Master Co-loader of EK
  • Fully qualified as a certified AEO company.
    Also became KZ Exclusive Master Co-loader on USA routes.
  • Awarded as BR’s Top 3 Agent of Europe.
  • Became Master Co-loader of CV on Europe routes.
    Reached Top 40 among forwarders in Taiwan.